Archive | January 8, 2018

5 Fun & Beautiful Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Every bride wants the perfect and Instagram-ready pictures of her wedding. Photo booths are a fun and exciting way of entertaining the guests while getting some super cool and amazing shots. Whether it is your family or friends, wedding photo booths will always bring the people together and let their crazy out. If you are someone who can’t seem to find the best idea for their wedding photo booth, then here are some tried and tested ways of adding the perfect fun element to your special day.

Vintage VW Bus – If you are a bride or a groom who loves retro flair, then you can add a vintage VW bus as a full-on photo booth. Add some fresh flowers and stencilled art to complete the look.

Hanging Frames – Set up the most magical photo booth in the outdoor space with hanging frames from a tree. It will add the beauty of the trees and vibrant appeal of the frames in every shot. You can also add some beautiful flowers and balloons to spruce up the look.

Paper Flowers Party – This may require some DIY skills, but the end result will be worth it! Whip together a batch of paper flowers and set up a creative backdrop that will leave a charming effect in the photos.

Boat – Ahoy! Get your friends and family on board with a nautical theme photo booth. Add a rowboat as the centrepiece along with rope, wheel, and a lantern to complete the look.

Moon and Stars – Bring on some celestial fun and make your wedding day a truly magical event with a moon and stars photo booth. Add creative stars, moons, and planets in the backdrop and create a dreamy world for your wedding day.

These photo booths for weddings are sure to bring out the best in your guests and surely the wedding photos.